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About Us

Get to know the Independent Crowdfunded Community Bank

Welcome to the Independent Crowdfunded Community Bank, where community, financial empowerment, and your dreams come together. We're more than just an exclusive bank; we're your trusted financial partner on your journey to success.

Member Bank Accounts

Merchant Accounts

Our Goal

Exclusive Banking and Crowdfunding Solutions for registered and approved Members and Organizations.

Committed to helping SME's and Organizations succeed.

Prescribed project investments.

Fixed returns with tailored benefits.

At ICC Bank, we're committed to the financial well-being of our members. Our Fixed Returns with Tailored Benefits program offers secure and predictable investment options.

Pension Deposits.

Fixed Returns. Peace of Mind.

At ICC Bank, we're dedicated to providing you with financial stability and peace of mind. Our secured fixed return investments offer a reliable and predictable way to grow your wealth.

Project Loans and Cessions

Explore ICC Bank Solutions.

At ICC Bank, we recognize the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the financial industry. To provide our valued members with greater flexibility and comprehensive financial management options.

our Vision

Tailored Private Banking Solutions for Institutions and Exclusive Memberships

The bank that builds develops community relationships.

Tailored Insurance Products

Discover peace of mind with our tailored insurance products for ICC Bank registered members, including funeral cover, affordable medical aid, and asset protection. Exclusive to registered approved members.

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ICC Individual Accounts

Elevated Customer financial experience with our Private Banking Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Secure, convenient, and worldwide acceptance for approved member banking needs.

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ICC Bank's Remittance Service for approved members: Send money to anyone with with ease, make payments and purchase vouchers for electricity, water, mobile airtime, and gift vouchers.

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Closed Loop Cards

Closed-loop cards are convenient for both merchants and consumers because they promote customer loyalty, drive sales, and simplify transactions within a specific business environment.

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ICC Business Accounts

Our ICC Merchant Business Visa and MasterCard debit cards offer the latest and best in digital transactionalsecurity, convenient, and worldwide acceptance for member banking needs.

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Merchant Solutions

ICC Bank's Remittance for registered Merchants offers secured purchases, including voucher sales for utilities, mobile airtime, and gift vouchers, ensuring swift and reliable transactions for your convenience

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Insights and News

Discover Expert Insights, Financial Tips, and Community News


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Works together with striker consulting firms active in USA. Globally we work with more than Read More...


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Exclusive ICC Bank Cards for all registered members

Enjoy exclusive member benefits that include group insurance cover, fuel and grocery discounts and festive season groceries.

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  • ICC Bank Individual Accounts

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24/7 Support for any Community Queries

Committed to helping communities meet their banking needs.

Corporate Office

4th Floor, West Tower, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City, Gauteng, 2196

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 10.00 to 16.00

Front Desk

+27 87 088 8447

Technical problem

If you have any type of technical challenges and
would like to get help from us please drop an email
at hello@iccbank.co.za

General Support

If you have any type of challenges regarding products and
would like to get help from us please drop an email
at hello@iccbank.co.za

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